Bessy Bess




Bessy Bess is one of the pioneer DJ’s of Albania. Born and raised in Tirana, he started listening to music at an early age, influenced by his family of musicians.

In 1995, a new era was floating as the country had just began to give birth to clubs, discos B.B. started disc jockeying in his hometown, Tirana.


He played alongside his older brother Adeejay at Disco Meteor which had a capacity of 1000 people. Mixing CDs and tapes Vinyl was beyond luxury...


While the rapid development of the capital city and society brought freedom to people and encouragement for a new lifestyle, clubs were found opened from 10am to 2pm followed by 8pm ongoing to 6am.

Eventually, the absence of any law regulating nightlife brought down a lot of parties into town. During the 90’s, adolescents were going to Discos in the morning and adults at night!


The millennium caught up with him in London. Influenced by one of the world’s best party-cities, he decided to study Sound Engineering developing his knowledge from within the music industry. Along the way, he met with some of London’s most glamorous promoters, as they recognized his passion for music and his unique developed style in Disc Jockeying.


His DJ skills are described as spontaneous orchestrations fueled by the nuances of a night venue and crowd. The knowledge of complexed rhythms and the way they act in a mix, moreover how they are received by the human ear and body is one of his unique specialities. He is also one of the most unexpected DJ's you'll ever witness behind decks, the modesty and the connection between him and the crowd is described as a singular doomflow of a visible mindtrip.


Bess is remembered to have resided & spun amazing deep soulful fuky, sets at Londons most prestigious parties and venues, including: Rouge, Funky Buddha, Kingly Club, K-Bar, Opium Lounge, Green Gardens Terrace, China White, Caffé Royal, Café de Paris, Cargo, Trap, Boat Parties by The Thames, SO.UK, Rex Club, Hilton Zeta, Camden Palace, Embassy, The Roof Gardens, KOKO, Tantra, The End, 10 rooms, Atlantic, Capisce, CC Club, Click, Elysium, Eve Club, Border Club, Purple, Pop, Tryst, Raks Club and many more…


The arrival of 2005 meets with Bess back in his home town Tirana, as the rapid growth of the city had continued, Tirana had completely changed. Bess returned to his underground roots, navigating from psychedelic warm up scenes for DJ pairs and artist exchange to all night long personal funky tech minimal parties, along side joined projections of video jockeys, graphic arts, photography, and painting exhibits. Eks Art was the coined name to identify these new activities.


As always with Bess the best and the rest is yet to come. For the past years Bess has been constantly working in music composition, drawing knowledge from the past into an art work of the future, which will soon be available to the ears of the world!



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